Photo by Michael Chui

About Richmond, British Columbia

Shafik Ladha's years of experience, coupled with his award-winning sales method has settled many people happily in their new homes. No one knows the property market like a local, and no one deals in property like a local. Having lived and worked in Richmond for over 20 years, Shafik knows the area inside out! Using this knowledge, Shafik provides unparalleled real estate services that will help you find the Richmond home of your dreams, in the area that suits you best, at a price you can afford – the recipe for happy living.

Richmond is an exciting city undergoing immense growth and change, currently transferring from a rural community to an international metropolis, while still managing to maintain its original charm. It is culturally diverse and has a unique geographical setting, located on Canada's West Coast. Its central location places Richmond only twenty minutes from downtown Vancouver and 25 minutes from the Canada-US border.

Richmond is home to almost 200,000 people with a healthy mix of residential and commercial property, industrial parks, agricultural land and green belts. Richmond is situated where the river meets the Pacific Ocean, providing expansive leisure and tourist options within a close range of the city.

Richmond is known for healthy living: residents of Richmond have the highest life expectancy in all of Canada and also have the lowest smoking and obesity rates! A wide range of employment options exist, with the economy supporting over 100,000 jobs in several sectors such as services, retailing, tourism, hi-tech, manufacturing, agriculture and public administration.

The city's expansive leisure options contribute to its healthy life style. Quality parks and recreation facilities, culture and leisure facilities abound: over 90 parks, 200 acres of recreational trails, pools, tennis courts, playgrounds, picnic areas, golf courses, running tracks and playing fields. In additional there are several libraries, theatres, museums, art galleries and heritage sites.